The Story Behind The Helpful Start Blog


Helpful Start Blog was created due to the launch of Helpful Start company and online store. It was created to be a place for all entrepreneurs especially those starting a new business to find some clear information on what to first, next and last. It was created with the intention, just like our products, to relieve the anxiety of starting and running a business and to help express yourself as an entrepreneur.


We all go through this. Starting a business can be the scariest thing to do. It’s a company that you have complete control of.

It’s like owning a child, a huge unimaginable responsibility that if you fuck up a little bit you might be able to fix it but, if you fuck up a lot then that’s it, you’ve failed.


Well, you shouldn’t be, because all you need to keep going is proper guidance and training. Plus, not all failures are bad. Failures can be great lessons you will learn from and apply those lessons to your next business venture to ensure it having better chances of success.

The Helpful Start blog will be just one of those resources to guide you in your journey as an entrepreneur. We also gather helpful resources from other blogs and articles for you because it’s not just about us, it’s about giving you the best information we can find for you.



This blog was mainly made for you and only you.

Enjoy. 🙂


Picture Credit : Andrew Neel

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